July 5th | Free Workshops From 11:00 AM - 7:30 PM PST

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Since 2018, Girl Genius has created an inclusive community where people of color in STEAM are given a voice to empower the next generation of female leaders worldwide.




Network with up to 500+ girls worldwide. We'll also be discussing how to tackle imposter syndrome, team bonding, and much more.

This keynote is led by Amara Obiago, a Revenue and Strategy Operations Manager at Phone2Action. She has spent the last three years creating new processes to track, optimize and analyze performance metrics for several departments across the company. Amara has dedicated her career to working for Small to Medium sized businesses and startups in 4 continents, primarily focused in Technology.

In this keynote, you will learn how to create space for yourself within any business or industry. This presentation will demonstrate how to align your work with your professional dreams and goals while simultaneously adding value to any field.

Ubisoft Entertainment SA is a French video game company headquartered in Montreuil with several development studios across the world. This keynote will be led by Ashley Swisher, a talent acquisition specialist, who will be discussing how to approach recruiters (in person and virtual)and provide insight on how to apply to jobs successfully.

Girl Genius is partnering with LetHerLearn to host a women in STEAM panel with individuals working at NASA and empowering girls through their social media content.

🌟Jupiter Jones: Astrophysics student, Scientist-Astronaut candidate, Possum 13 ambassador. Jupiter Jones is a science communicator and women in STEM advocate from Toronto Canada.

🌟Mayuko Inoue: Mayuko is a full-time content creator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a second-generation Japanese American from San Diego and worked for six years as a Senior iOS Software Engineer in Silicon Valley at companies like Intuit, Patreon, and Netflix.

🌟Katya Echazarreta: Katya Echazarreta is an Electrical engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She has worked on ground support equipment for the Perseverance rover and the mission Europa Clipper. She is also an avid science communicator and supporter of Women in STEM.

🌟Nina Chhita: Nina Chhita illustrates trailblazing historical and present-day people in STEM, who happen to be women. She initially started the Instagram account @nina.draws.scientists to learn about historical figures, and as a scientist herself, naturally gravitated towards scientists. Her page has evolved over time and she has since been featured on the BBC news website and the University of Oxford social media pages.

🌟Jamie Berger: Jamie Berger is from Ann Arbor, Michigan and serves a mathematics and computer science high school teacher in Washington D.C.. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Master's in Computer Science in 2014 and 2019, respectively. Jamie is currently working on her Master's in Secondary Education at Johns Hopkins.

Workshop lead by Eleonora Lester, a solution architect and field engineer at Vercel. She also runs Chicas Programando, a community striving to support women in tech fields. More information coming soon!

Learn how to traverse the college admissions process from students accepted by CalTech, Columbia, Duke, UIUC, UWash, Yale, & USC!

🌟Madison Ramos (Incoming Freshman At Caltech): Planning to major in CS with a possible double major in Math or BEM (Business, Engineering, and Management)

🌟Nicole Wolff (Incoming Freshman At Columbia University): Planning to major in Physics

🌟Athena Yao (Incoming Freshman At Duke): Athena is an aspiring artist and scientist from Long Island, New York and will be attending Duke University in the fall, where she hopes to major in neuroscience with a double major/minor in visual arts, possibly on the pre-med track

🌟Zoe Ngo (Incoming Freshman At UWash): Planning to major in Applied Mathematics

🌟Alice Mao (Incoming Freshman At Yale): Majoring in art at Yale University.

🌟Caitlin Stanton (Postgrad At Cornell University): Degree in electrical and computer engineering, and a double minor in computer science and business. She will be pursuing her Masters of Engineering in the same degree this fall.

🌟Camille Bautista (Animation Student At Loyola Maramount University): Camille Bautista is a junior animation student at Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film and Television. Obsessed with both Disney and drawing since she was a little kid, her love for the classic cartoons led her into pursuing a career in animation where she can bring her drawings to life.

🌟Christina Oyebade (Animation Student At Loyola Maramount University): Christina Oyebade is a rising junior Animation student at Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film and Television. She has always been in love with color, character, and story and wants to pursue a career in a creative field where she believes she can reimagine all three in wonderful and exciting ways.

🌟Aleah Frison: Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and seeing the health impacts of poverty, institutional racism, and policy decisions sparked my interest in medicine. While attaining a Human Biology & Society Degree from UCLA, I engaged in Health Policy research and volunteer clinical experiences that strengthened my passion for medicine. These experiences showed me the need for diversity in medicine in order to see better health outcomes in our minority and low income populations. From my obstacles and experiences along this journey came the emergence of Melanated Med, a platform I created for encouraging and uplifting other Black women pursing careers in Medicine.

🌟Shannen Recio: Shannen Recio is a first generation Filipina who is passionate about pursuing a degree in Global Diseases Biology and want to become a doctor in the near future. She also does research on different topics ranging from ancient diet, diseases, and more! She's also passionate about service leading her to starting her on nonprofit called New Beginnings and continue to serve others through going back to her home country to help impoverished communities and guiding other students to their own path to success.

🌟Sofia Lucio: Sofia recently graduated from UC Davis, with a degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior. During her time as an undergrad, she was involved in her community by volunteering in a student-run clinic and was a research assistant in an ASD and ADHD clinical study at the MIND Institute. Because of her passion for global health, Sofia founded a Doctors Without Borders student chapter at UC Davis, with the mission to make an impact as a college student. Since she graduated this spring, she has been studying for the MCAT and applying to medical school.

🌟Tanaya Kollipara: Tanaya Kollipara is an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley, who is pursuing the pre-med track. An avid reader and writer, she currently works at Women’s Republic as a content contributor and the Head of Recruitment. She is also a fierce advocate for mental health, and works as a research assistant at her university’s Risk Resilience Lab, which studies how to reduce recidivism among those with a mental illness. Along with working with various advocacy groups to empower young girls, Tanaya has been fighting for sexual assault/consent reform in her local community & the greater county. As a future health professional, she has always believed in the power of words & action to advocate and create change.

Izzy’s workshop is on the internship she held during her senior year of high school conducting research on brown dwarfs, celestial objects with masses in between planets and stars. Izzy will be speaking about how she got her internship, explaining the details of her work, presenting her talk and poster, and sharing her STEM story.

Izzy is an incoming freshman at Barnard College of Columbia University where she will be exploring the intersection of STEM, women’s empowerment, and entrepreneurship. She is the co-founder and CEO of First Empower, a business she started with a few of her friends dedicated to empowering young girls through innovative STEM education.

Ever wanted to change your reality and enter a whole new world? This session will cover everything you wanted to know about augmented and virtual reality: from the hardware, countless applications in various fields, and how to get started creating your own content!

This workshop is led by Elizabeth Nguyen, a rising junior studying Electrical Engineering at Stanford. She has held various workshops on AR/VR and is the President of Stanford XR, a community that promotes the outreach and development of virtual reality, augmented realized, and mixed reality. Elizabeth is currently an AR/VR Product Manager at Unity.


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